April 5, 2016

Painting With The Girls 96

April 5, 2016.

Day 96 (270 days to go)


Watercolor Postcard, 5 X 7 Matted

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was born in Florence to wealthy American parents, and lived in Europe as an expatriate most of his life. Other painters have ostracized him for his lack of intellect and having spent all his life doing portraits of the influential and rich. Indeed, he was very successful financially and his portraits reflect the skill and talent of Van Dyck. But it was only in the end of the 20th century that his work was appreciated for the beauty and skill of his technique. He is best known for his portrait of Madame X, which caused a scandal when exhibited at the Salon because Sargent removed one shoulder strap of the dress on this painting.

Most critics agree that his painting, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, is his most spectacular display of skill and mastery showing the evening light in the faces of the children. He was a bachelor all his life. Biographers now believe he was a homosexual who preferred to keep his sexual identity private. 


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Madame X           Sargent later added the strap.