August 13, 2016

Painting With The Girls 226

August 13, 2016

Day 226 (140 days to go)

Sunset Panels 3

Part V

In 1938, Andre Breton, a Surrealist writer organized a show in Paris called Mexique. This exhibit involved photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo, 17 paintings by Frida Kahlo, and Pre-Hispanic folk art. In this trip to Paris, Frida felt validated as an artist and appreciated for her independence and work separated from Diego Rivera. She was adored by the press and introduced to many painters such as Marcel Duchamp, Sassily Kandinsky and Pablo Picasso. She treasured Picasso’s attention and praises and the gift of earrings in the form of hands she later painted in her self-portraits. The highlight of this trip was the purchase of one of her paintings by the Louvre.

Frida couldn’t have been happier in this moment of her life, but as soon as she arrived in Mexico, Diego asked her for a divorce. Nobody really knows what happened between him and her, but Diego was firm in his decision and went back to San Francisco to work.

Frida was devastated and depressed being alone and having to make a living. Her paintings of this time reflect a deep longing for Diego and her anguish about being alone in the world.

Her health deteriorated and her depression was aggravated by Trotsky’s assassination in Mexico, in May 1940.

She went to San Francisco to seek medical health and to speak to Diego. They both reconciled and re-married on December 8, 1940, just as Diego turned fifty-four years old.