January 20, 2016

Painting With The Girls 233

August 20, 2016

Day 233 (133 days to go)

Contemporary Archetype II         9 pieces

Check next 7 days for entire piece. Watercolor and Gouache. 14X20

Part VI

Frida Kahlo was 33 years old when she re-married Diego Rivera. She was determined to make her life independent from the life of her husband. She never went back to the house next door to his, and instead she remodeled La Casa Azul and remained there until her death.

Diego added a new wing to the house and Frida rearranged her folk art collections and decorations throughout the house and her studio.

Her father died a year later in 1941, and Frida’s health deteriorated as her drinking increased. Doctors prescribed hormones, pain medicines and several corsets to help with her back pain and movement. She constantly was dealing with recurrent infections and new issues with her health.

Martha Zamorra writes in her book Frida Kahlo, The Brush of Anguish, “In spite of her poor health, the five years following Frida and Diego’s second wedding were the most serene of their married life, a time when they seemed to come to terms with one another. Finding pleasure in simply being together and sharing their daily lives, they treated each other with the same outward show of affection as before the divorce.”

Frida maintained a working routine, and in 1943, she also started teaching at the Ministry of Public Education.  As it became more difficult for her to go to a classroom in town, she taught many students at her home. They were called Los Fridos, and many of these students became well-known painters and scholars.

Until the last couple years of her life, Frida was very happy in La Casa Azul. This was a time where she and Diego painted relentlessly and when they enjoyed the company of their friends too. Her sister Cristina and her children were also a constant presence in Frida’s life.