August 27, 2016

Painting With The Girls 240

August 27, 2016

Day 240 (124 days to go)

Contemporary Archetype

Watercolor and Gouache, 14X20 

14X20 Watercolor and Guoache, Framed


Part VII

In the last years of Frida’s life she was practically bedbound and dependent on painkillers. Although there were always rumors of Diego being unfaithful he would come and stay with her several times a week. During those visits, Diego would show all his affection and try to amuse her as she lay in bed. He told her stories and the new gossip. Sometimes he would even dance and sing songs. He was the only one who could lift her spirits that way.

Despite her long career Frida Khalo had never had a solo art exhibit. In 1953, the National Institute of Art wanted to do a retrospective on her work. It took many months to organize, and Diego was afraid Frida would not live to see it.

Finally the big day arrived, but she was not able to get up. She decided quickly that the only way was to go lying on her bed. She arrived in an ambulance. Visitors were very happy to see her and fans and friends surrounded her.  Her exhibit was a success.

Two months later, the doctors decided to amputate Frida’s leg. It was causing her infections and the perspective of death by thrombosis.  She spoke very little after the surgery, but painted until the day of her death eight days later.

She painted watermelons and wrote “Viva La Vida” on them. It meant, long live life. She was 47 years old.

Diego became old in an instant. He only lived for three more years after Frida’s death. He told his friends that it was only after her death he understood completely the power of her love.