January 3, 2016.


Painting with the Girls 3 

January 3, 2016.

Day 3,  (363 days to go)


Postcard watercolor, collage 5X7 Matted


I don’t mean to state the obvious, but let’s be serious. The reason why there weren’t more woman painters that became famous is because there wasn’t any birth control!

I picked Artemisia Gentileschi as my January female painter because she is the one female painter who gained recognition at the time she was alive. This was approximately 400 hundred years ago, when western European woman only had one place in society: marriage.

You might recognize her as the main character in one of Susan Vreeland’s novels, Artemisia’s Passion. I never read that book, but I will start right away.

Doing a little research I found that after she died, she was completely forgotten and never really mentioned again until the 20th century. Which is probably more like where she belonged in history.  Many papers and articles were written about her last century, but only in 1989 a monograph was published by Mary D. Garrard.

Artemisia inspires me because she made it as an artist when it was really impossible to be a known female painter. She must have been the inspiration for many other woman who found out about her.

My heart and work today goes to Artemisia, who inspires me to never complain when I can’t find more time to do Art. If she did it, so can I.

I’m flying back home from a holiday trip. I’m using a past photo that I have already sketched on the ground, but now am finishing it mid air. I can say now I have worked from the sky!

Happy New Year again!

Paint away, and enjoy your day.