January 18, 2016.

Painting With The Girls 18.

January 18, 2016.

Day 18 (348 days to go).


Mail 1

Collage 5X7 pencil matted

The Romans conquered Greece and returned to Rome with the fine Greek artists who taught the Romans to paint and sculpt. The Roman collectors bought art from these Greek masters or copied them. Architecture was growing fast and the most wondrous discovery was the use of arches. The coliseum is the best example from this time. Arches developed into other inventions in engineering, such as water aqueducts and bridges. The Pantheon building was also a progression of arches turned into vaults and the vaults turned into a dome. This gigantic building was a temple with a circular rooftop where light would come in.

Pompeii is where most paintings from that era can be found. Romans abandoned the idea of the Greeks that an image needs to carry perfection for the viewer to find. They didn’t care if their subject was not beautiful but when depicting a hero or a champion they wanted it to look realistic.

The Pantheon in Athens