January 26, 2016

Painting With The Girls 26

January 26, 2016.

Day 26, (340 days to go).

Capitol Hill Backyard After Snowfall

Postcard watercolor, and color pencil 5X7, matted

Illuminated Manuscript is the art of embellishing manuscripts with miniatures and ornaments, an art of the most remote antiquity.

Nancy Frazier in Art History writes, “As early as the 5th century, artists worked under instructions from a literate adviser. Medieval manuscripts were produced in the scriptorium of a monastery and in royal court workshops before they became, along with urban and middle class growth, part of secular commerce. Even then, exceptionally beautiful books, made for the princely or merchant nobility, remained expensive. In France, where they flourished during the late Middle Ages, the best illuminated manuscripts ranged from 100 to 600 francs, more costly then the most expensive horse.”

The invention of printing, while it limited the scope of illumination by greatly diminishing the demand for manuscripts, did not immediately destroy the art. Printed books were often at first illuminated with initials or pictures added by hand in spaces left for them, a practice that lasted even into the first decade of the sixteenth century.

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