January 31, 2016.

painting With The Girls 31

January 31, 2016.

Day 31, (334 days to go)

Ultra Marine Octopuss     Watercolor, collage, block printing and color pencil.

Postcard watercolor, 5X7, Matted


Oh it’s a long long time from here to December. In January it always feels that way, while we are planning our New Year’s resolutions and enjoying our sparkling wine on January 1st.

A whole month just vanished from this New Year and I am surprised again and again every time it slips by so quickly.

Years ago I gave up having a calendar because I decided that if I couldn’t remember from my head, then I was just way too busy. It’s a good memory exercise anyway, and although I do now have all kinds of calendars, I have a rule in my old age: one errand a day only. If I can’t remember what my appointments are during the week, then I over did it.

I know this works for my privileged artist life style only, with no children around and I work out of the home. Of course most of us must make a living, but it should be everyone’s ultimate goal to use his or her gadgets much less, and to learn how to say NO. That stuff eats time!!!!!!

I wanted to write something about my experience this month. First I am genuinely grateful to the universe and my hubby for this amazing moment in my life.

I was a little concerned with timing issues and getting things done, not to mention working seven days a week.

I didn’t imagine that I would feel so completely submerged in my world of art. Yes, I know I am not in Basel, but I am enjoying it so much. To give myself this opportunity to come up with a postcard everyday will transform my sense of creativity after one year of this great exercise! This commitment I made was extremely important because it made me work faster and not waste time being too detail oriented. I am looking forward to having at least 366 postcards and enjoying all the art history books and the mess I make in my studio everyday.

I am enjoying reviewing art history because I discovered what is interesting to me is the personal lives of famous painters.  I wanted to remind myself what happened in art history, while I really focused on the lives of the seven female painters I have chosen, “The Girls”.

What I really wanted to say is that this exercise is moving me along in a positive direction. I came to discover at this point in my life the more I immerse myself in what I am doing, creativity and art have become something completely different to me. I have stopped time, hopefully for a whole year, and I am here and now. I feel incredibly present and focused because of the challenge I have given myself. I realize it is possible to “frame” time by enjoying it as it comes while telling my personal story through my postcards. In fact, it is my way of creating order in my life.

See you tomorrow, and have a great day!