February 1, 2016.

Painting With The Girls 32

February 1, 2016.

Day 32 (334 days to go)

Batik Globe

Postcard watercolor, collage 5X7 Matted

Italian-Northern Renaissance.

The main difference between The Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance is the Italian Renaissance was greatly influenced by the ancient Greek-Roman art primarily in the form of sculptures, monuments and frescoes that were still standing in Rome at the time.

The Northern Renaissance spanned across the 15th and 16th centuries and includes The Netherlands, Germany and France. In these countries we can observe more changes focused on the painting techniques, specifically in the expressions of light and tonalities through the surface of a painting. The Italians were more interested in geometry and perspective, as well as the nude body. Northern painters were more focused on accurately painting fabric folds and ornamentation of objects.

The Reformation of the Church, the discovery of the New World, and Copernicus’s 1543 discovery, which proved that the Earth revolves around the sun, can divide the different phases of the Renaissance.

All these factors changed art constantly. By 1500, nine million books had been published in Europe, pouring the ideas about the Renaissance throughout Europe.  The wealth coming from the New World was inconceivable and was well spent in the arts. All that was needed was a King in power giving patronage, because the arts were the media of their time.