February 5, 2016.

Painting With The Girls 36

February 5, 2016.

Day 36 (330 days to go).

Postcard watercolor, collage, 5X7 Matted


The Protestant Reformation provoked a wave of destruction of religious imagery.  Sculptures or iconic images were considered symbols for the Catholic Church. Prints and book illustrations were viewed as less offensive because they were smaller and private. Martin Luther was initially unreceptive to any displays of religious images but later encouraged their display in churches as long as the public reminded themselves that the images were not holy themselves but just symbols of the divine. After The Reformation, most religious paintings became smaller and generally depicted a more natural style and avoided iconic elements, such as a halo over Christ’s head. 

Notable painters of this era are Chranach the Elder and Holbein.

Lucas Cranach the Elder    Crucifixion of Christ (1503) Alte Pinakotheck Munich