February 21, 2016.

Painting With The Girls 52

February 21, 2016.

Day 52 (314 days to go)


Birds Collage 1


Rembrandt (1606-1669) was a prolific Dutch painter, who learned to manipulate light and dark for dramatic effect, most probably influenced by Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro technique. He was a student of Pieter Lastman and the Utrecht school of Holland.

Nancy Frazier writes in Art History, “Unanswered questions about Rembrandt are mountainously troublesome because his reputation is simultaneously so lofty and so controversial.”

Art historian Gary D. Schwartz writes in Rembrandt: His Life, His Paintings, “ no one ever asked Rembrandt to be the godfather of their child, or even witness a document for them. He was bitter vindictive, attacking the adversary with all means, fair and foul . . . underhanded and untrustworthy even to his friends…arrogant to the one who admired him.”

Rembrandt was an art collector himself, and in his later years he lost most of it including his house and his own paintings, to his debt collectors.

Rembrandt is well known for his many self-portraits. The Night Watchers, and Philosopher in Meditation are classic examples.

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