February 23, 2016

Painting With The Girls 54

February 23, 2016.

Day 54 (312 days to go)



Postcard watercolor, collage 5X7 Matted


Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio (1571-1610), was probably born in Milan. He does not seem to have studied under any particular master, but used nature as a model, focusing at first on still lives and portraits.

His work could be described as a result of seeking truth and not the ideal classical beauty. He was not afraid of ugliness.  Paul Johnson writes in Art: The New History, “Caravaggio created himself. He was antinomian, despising all laws of life and art. But this fatal propensity to break all the rules, which turned his life first into anarchy, then tragedy, also made him an artist of astonishing originality and creative power. He destroyed the old order and imposed a new one.”

There are several versions about the violence in his life and the way he died.

One of the explanations for his anger might be having lost his Mother at age six and his father at age eighteen. Historians have debated about his posthumous reputation for homosexuality, but his extensive criminal records did not reveal charges of sodomy. He murdered a man in a tennis match and was condemned to death, but was later pardoned. He made many enemies, and was hunted down, resulting in his death at age 39.


(Antinomian: relating to the view that Christians are released by grace from the obligation of observing the moral law.)

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