June 25, 2016

Painting With The Girls 177

June 25, 2016

Day 177 (189 days to go)



Part V

Beatrix Potter left her old life when her fiancé Norman Warne had left hers. She could not bear to live with her parents anymore, especially during the very difficult time of getting over Norman’s death.

When her aunt, Harriet Burton, passed away a little before Norman, she left Beatrix a significant amount of money. This was a great opportunity for Beatrix to add that sum of money to her publishing profits and finally buy the land she always dreamed of by the Lakes.

She chose a small farm called Hill Top near Sawrey, and right away moved in and started remodeling the main house into two living spaces. She kept the original farmhouse occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Cannon and their children, managing the farm. For the next few years she divided her time between the farm and her parents. With time, the farm became the home of pigs, sheep, cow and geese. Beatrix loved her new life style, especially planting a garden and getting to know her neighbors and the small town nearby.  

By 1909, Beatrix had published 14 books, which were now considered nursery classics. She enjoyed the additional income from the royalties and merchandise she had created and licensed, such as Peter Rabbit doll and a board game.

In 1908, she requested the advice of a solicitor and neighbor, W. H. Heelis and Sons, to advise her on purchasing more land. Mr. Heelis recommended her to buy Castle Farm that was for sale and joined Beatrix’s land.

For the next five years, Beatrix and Mr. Heelis they got to know each other. They became friends and could be seen on long walks through their lands or participating in various activities in their community.

Beatrix spent less and less time with her parents in London. Instead they came to visit her or leased a place nearby when vacationing during summers.