March 1, 2016

Painting With The Girls 61

March 1, 2016

Day 61 (305 days to go)

Washington Monument, Geese in the Snow.


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) was David’s greatest student. He tried to follow his teacher’s footsteps working with historical paintings, but his greatest works are considered to be his female nudes and exotic settings.

He is well known for The Great Odalisque, a figure of classical beauty mixed with apathetic sensuality, something never seen before in classical art.

Ingres could not stand portraying reality if it meant ugliness. He could only distort reality to create beauty.

Now art historians accept that Ingres added extra vertebras and elongated necks and shortened arms for the purpose of composition and sensuality. 

Great Odalisque 1814     Louvre Museum

Great Odalisque 1814     Louvre Museum

Princesse Albert de Broglie 1853                  The Metropolitan

Le Bain Turc  1862   Louvre Museum

La baigneuse, dite Baigneuse Valpiçon 1808 Louvre