March 11, 2016

Painting With the Girls 71

March 11, 2016.

Day 71 (295 days to)


Wolf and Castle

Postcard watercolor, 5X7 Matted


In the middle of the 19th century, a Realist painter focused working on the ordinary routines of laborers and peasants.

Nancy Frazier writes in Art History, “ The Realist was like a reporter on a fact finding mission, showing things and people as they appeared before the artist’s (theoretically, at least) impartial, objective eye. If the Realist was scrupulous in recording details of shoes, for example, it was not for the sake of the details themselves so much as for what they revealed about the subject’s character and circumstances.”

Furthermore, like the Romantics, many Realists were determined to reform society. In France the revolution of 1848 inspired realist painters like, Coubert, Daumier, Corot and Millet. Their paintings depicted the poor and the oppressed and the fraternization of the social classes.  




Potato Planters         Millet

The Goose Girl                     Millet