March 13, 2016

Painting With The Girls 73

March 13, 2016.

Day 73 (293 days to go)


Fish Reflections

Postcard watercolor, 5X7 Matted


Jean Baptist Camille Corot (1796-1875) is believed to have played an essential part in the 19th century landscape painting.  

Corot’s art naturally falls into two periods, divided from by about the year 1843. During the first period he painted like the contemporary classicists, very detailed, with careful and severe drawing, but not without a certain charm of color. The influence of his classical training may be seen in the nymphs he loved to fill his landscapes with, and the absolute mastery over technique, which we see in his second period. This shift began with his return from Italy in 1843, when he adopted the method of painting in the open air, which Constable and others had introduced from England. The works of this second period are what Corot is best, known for.

Corot became very successful financially with his work. He also was known for being a philanthropist. He helped his friends, he financed a day care for children of factory workers in Paris and he gave his friend Millet’s widow ten thousand francs when he died. He also helped his other friend Daumier by buying him a house when he became blind in old age.