March 18, 2016

Painting With The Girls 78

March 18, 2016.

Day 78 (288 days to go)


Cherry Tree About To Blossom

This is the biggest cherry tree I know in Washington DC. It sits alone in the open space park at the National Arboretum. 

Ink wash Postcard 5X7, Matted

The Windsor & Newton company in London is one of the oldest art supplies stores in Britain that is still in business.

William Windsor and Henry Newton founded the company in 1832 in a location in an area where many painters had studios including Constable.

They sold a variety of art supplies, but it was their Kolinsky brushes ordered by Queen Victoria in 1866 that made them well known. In 1937 the firm introduced their very well known gouache paints, and after the war the World War II, they opened a brush factory in Lowestoft. In 1970, their line of acrylic paints was put on the market.

Their products are sold worldwide.

Another famous art supply store is Sennelier in Paris. Gustave Sennelier founded it in 1887, selling many mediums related to pigments. He was fascinated with the chemistry of colors and created many shades and tones requested by many artists, including Cezanne and Gauguin. In 1949, Sennelier created oils pastels specially developed for Picasso, who requested a product that could be applied to any surface without having to be prepared. They are among the few companies that still sell dry pigment to their customers worldwide.

Blick is the oldest art supply catalog still in business in the U.S.

Dick Blick opened the company in 1911 as an art supply catalog. Blick and his wife used their kitchen as a warehouse and their local Illinois post office as the firm’s shipping department. The company is still run by family members and their materials cover any type of art supply demand one could imagine.