March 21, 2016

Painting With The Girls 81

March 21, 2016.

Day 81 (285 days to go)


Watercolor Postcard, 5X7 Matted

What has really changed in the past decade are sales of art through the Internet. Major Art Galleries report that 15-35% of their sales are made through the Internet.

Younger people feel more confortable buying this way because they were raised with the Internet. Art Galleries that weren’t very successful to start with had to close down or reinvent themselves. Getting people to enter an art gallery these days is a lot more difficult. Art Galleries and auction houses promote their events and sales through e-mails.

According to a report by an insurer Hiscox, based in London, in 2013 sites such as Global online, art sales reached a $1.57 billion.

And the image-posting site Instagram has become the art world’s chosen medium for keeping up with the latest hot names and who’s selling them.