March 28, 2016

Painting With The Girls 88

March 28, 2016.

Day 88 (278 days to go)


Seeds                                         Monotype Collage

When doing a monotype keep in mind the paper you use, such as watercolor paper should be thin. When mixing print paint make it not too thick, so that the paper will not absorb too much. Also try to draw without putting pressure on the paper. 

Monotype Postcard, collage. 5X7 Matted

Why is the Impressionistic movement so popular? It did not impress many viewers at the time. They thought the paintings were unfinished.

Now a museumgoer can purchase prints or souvenirs featuring the art of Degas or Monet. Most would agree that their popularity rests with their fresh interpretation of people enjoying life. Their colors are bright and the subjects provide a glimpse of what the end of the 19th century was like.

I personally think Impressionism is popular because it is a loose depiction of reality, in terms of technique. Impressionism focuses on showing a moment in time of a place or a person. Humans identify with either the subject, or the beauty of the colors, or something pleasant about the whole thing.

Degas (1834-1917) was trained by Ingres in the traditional Romanticism way to paint.  But as his worked matured, he cropped his subjects, so that the viewer would focus on what was happening only. He also used the idea that someone was watching secretly. His subjects seemed to be doing something we are not supposed to see. Degas used forms and colors to enhance and achieve perfect composition. 

He was a key person, for holding and organizing the exhibitions for their Impressionistic movement to make progress and thrive.