March 31, 2016

Painting With The Girls 91

March 31, 2016.

Day 91 (275 days to go)


Postcard, ink wash 5X7 Matted

Seven years ago, I was pretty much involved in art through weekly meetings with my best friend Christy, attending watercolor classes or going to painting sessions. I was also taking oil painting classes at the Smithsonian with the greatest teacher ever, Trinka Simon. The reason I bring this up is because there was only so much I was producing in a monthly basis. And for each artwork, a relationship developed between it and me. I know this sounds pretty stupid, but since I wasn’t able to come up with many paintings on a regular basis, I would fall in love with the process with each one of them, creating an attachment much different from my relationship with my daily postcards. In 2009, I took a month off to study, and immersed myself in the works of JMW Turner. I came up with many watercolors and a few oil paintings.

Which brings me back to the present and the 90 daily postcards I have now completed with this project. I am not able to really deepen my work with each one of them, but I am sure deepening the exercise of thinking more quickly and efficiently about my work. This daily process has been very good for thinking about time and  how I work to come up with an idea.

I never had the opportunity to do this, and I realize that in the pace of the world today, we always dream of the time we don’t have or imagine for the future. I am glad I can be in the here and now and make a decision just for today. This process will also enable me to think how much time I would like to devote in the future to each completed project.

I also love the process of reading all of the art books I collected all these years!!!!

I am hoping for warmer days so I can be outdoors sketching more often in April. The cherry blossoms were incredible this year, and in this area there are about two more months of other flowers and trees blooming. 

Cheers everyone! And Happy Spring!