October 15, 2016

Painting With The Girls 289

October 11, 2016

Day 289 (77 days to go)


Guoache, collage, 5X7, Matted

Part VII

Grandma Moses passed away on December 13, 1961.  She was 101. She had no chronic illness or any sudden health issue. Her doctor said, “She just wore out”. Her mind had started to wonder and she slept for long hours.

The news of her death was broadcast on the radio and TV networks. Her obituary was published on front pages of newspapers nationwide.

In 1969, the Gallery of Modern Art in New York put the most comprehensive exhibit of her work together. A total of 141 paintings were displayed at this exhibit named, Art and Life of Grandma Moses.

Today most of her work can be found in Bennington, Vermont where her schoolhouse was moved to, and memorabilia from her time and more then 80 of her paintings can be seen.

Otto Kallir, who studied Grandma Moses’ work for years and knew her well, wrote in his book, Grandma Moses, “ Her work has been called ‘primitive’, a term generally applied to artists who have had no professional training. She shared with other so-called ‘primitives’ a naïve and almost childlike approach to her subject, not worrying whether she would be able to solve a problem with the artistic means at her disposal. However as her technical ability progressed and developed, so did her gifts as a painter, and she achieved works which far outrank what one is wont to label ‘primitive.’ It cannot be said of many artists- whether professional or self taught- that they have created a distinctive style of their own, as has Grandma Moses.”