September 24, 2016

Painting With The Girls 268

September 24, 2016

Day 268 (98 days to go)



Brush and InkVII

Ink on Watercolor paper 5X7, Matted

Part IV

In February of 1949, Grandma Moses, youngest son, Hugh passed away unexpectedly. She continued living with her daughter-in-law and her children, but in 1951, moved to a more comfortable home across the street built especially for her. In that same year, her daughter Winona came to live with her, taking over most of the remaining jobs that Grandma Moses still managed to do in the household. Daughter and mother remained together for seven years until Winona passed away in 1958, at age seventy.

In 1950, a show of 50 paintings by Grandma Moses was on a tour to Europe under the sponsorship of the United States embassies abroad. Europeans had been inquiring about Grandma Moses’ work and the paintings were sent to Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Bern, The Hague and Paris. It was a great success, and later in 1954, The Smithsonian organized a similar exhibit called American Paintings, and that exhibit also toured in Europe.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Grandma Moses continued painting. For about one year, she worked in small ceramic tiles. These paintings were simpler and she experimented with white tile backgrounds to depict snow and winter.